Departmental Check Delivery


Departments who personally need to deliver a check to an individual or a vendor should do the following:

1. Complete a Vendor Setup request to have the department's address added as a site in Oracle for the individual or vendor
2. Use this vendor site when creating the requisition to have the check mailed directly to the department address
A. Upon receipt, the department handles the delivery of the check to the individual or vendor
3. If this is a one time delivery, or the address is no longer needed after a certain amount of time, the department should request that the department’s address be deactivated as a site for the individual or vendor
A. To request a site be closed, please email the vendor/individual’s name and the appropriate departments address to be closed to

1. Why does AP recommend that departments not have a check mailed to themselves to manually handle it in delivering to the vendor?
A. As with any exception process, there is a greater cost to the University for transactions that do not follow a standard workflow. While there may be extreme circumstances in which a check absolutely must be handed to a vendor, this should be rare, and best practice is to have the check delivered to the vendor by standard US Postal Service process.
2. What if there is a need to make sure the check is delivered via a specific method (e.g. FedEx or other express delivery)?
A. Please see the AP form for Enclosure and Special Mailing