Emergency Check Pickup Form


Please use the form found at the bottom of this page to request that a check be printed and held at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue for pickup by the requesting department. This form should be used in emergency situations where circumstances require a check to physically be picked up by a department representative.

PLEASE NOTE: Checks not picked up within 5 business days from the first day they are available (the check date) for pickup will be sent to the tub finance office correspondent to the tub number provided on the form. Tub finance offices are responsible for either distributing the check or returning it to Cash Management with the appropriate Check Re-Deposit Form

This form should not be used for non-Emergency situations where a department needs to physically distribute a check themselves. Those payment situations should be handled by either:


  • Create a PR/PO in HCOM for the Vendor, and enter the PR/PO number in the upper right corner of this form.
  • Complete the following fields. Please note all fields on the form are required. Incomplete forms will be returned to the preparer.
    • Request Date: Enter the date you are filling out and submitting the form.
    • Amount of Payment: Enter the full amount of the payment.
    • Prepared by: Enter the name, phone, and tub number of the individual making the request.
    • Reason for Pickup: Provide the reason for requesting that the check be picked up.
  • Print the form once it is completed, place it on top of the related invoice, and send it to Accounts Payable, 1033 Massachusetts Avenue 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA, 02138.
  • Payment terms for all Emergency Check Pickup Request forms are processed as immediate. For more information on payment terms please see University Standard Payment Terms and Change Requests.
  • Do NOT attempt to edit this form. This form must be submitted in its original format.

Click here to access the form (Harvard Key required)