Exception Process and Form FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions for AP exception processes and forms.

Deposit, Pre-Payment, Enclosure and Special Mailing Form

  • Q:  Do I need to pick up my check?
    • A:  No, this process is not for picking up checks. See The Emergency Check Pickup if you need to pick your check up at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge.
  • Q:  Can I change this form to add specific information for my tub or department?
    • A:  No, AP will only accept this form in its original format.
  • Q:  Can I include a FedEx envelope to assure the check is delivered to the vendor on time?
    • A:  Yes. You can send a preprinted label and envelope, AP will use this to mail out your check to the vendor as long as the Deposit/Enclosure/Special Mailing form is completed.
    • Please note request for payment to be sent via FedEx must include a pre-adressed FedEx envelope.
  • Q:  What is the best way I can send my form to AP to assure it is processed in the fastest amount of time possible?
    • A:  Interoffice mail and drop-offs are treated the same, and will be opened by the AP mail staff and processed the day they are received.

In Lieu of Invoice Form

  • Q:  What should I do if my vendor/individual’s name/date combo makes the invoice number more than 25 characters?
    • A:  This can happen if a vendor or individual has a very long name. Users should abbreviate using the first initial if it is an individual to shorten the name and allow it to fit. No matter what the last 7 characters of the invoice number should be the date (e.g. 01JAN16)
  • Q:  What do I do if I am submitting two requests for a single vendor on the same date?
    • A:  Users should always try to consolidate payments on a single request. If it is necessary to submit separate requests for the same vendor on the same date users should put a letter (e.g. A,B,C, etc.) at the end of the invoice number (e.g. JOHNHARVARD01JAN16A and JOHNHARVARD01JAN16B)


Emergency Check Pickup Form

  • Q:  How long does it take for my check to be ready?
    • A:  Checks are usually ready for pickup in 1 – 2 business days.
  • Q:  How will I know when my check is ready for pickup?
    • A:  You can look up to see if the check has been cut by using the HCOM Transaction Summary report or AP views. If the report notes that the check has been cut, it will be available after 2pm at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue for pickup.
  • Q:  Can I pick my check up at the Smith Center?
    • A:  No. With recent changes to the Smith Center, checks will no longer be available for pickup there. Checks can only be picked up at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue.
  • Q:  Can I submit one form with multiple PO’s or PR’s?
    • A:  No, each PO or PR needs a separate form, with the form placed on top of the related invoice.
  • Q:  Can I change this form to add specific information for my tub or department?
    • A:  No, AP will only accept this form in its original format.
  • Q:  If the vendor is on Paymode, will this form override that and issue a check?
    • A:  Yes, a check will be printed and held for pickup.
  • Q:  Can I have the vendor or individual stop by to pick up the check on their own?
    • A:  No. Vendors and payees are not permitted to pick up checks at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue. The check must be picked up by the department or a related Harvard designate.