Homeland Security Visa Payments Form

Harvard University Accounts Payable (AP) has partnered with the Harvard International Office (HIO) to create a streamlined process for creating payments related to visa requests. Please use the form found on this page, and follow the instructions below to complete the process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AP at 5-8500 or ap_customerservice@harvard.edu

PLEASE NOTE: AP will no longer accept the Special Handling Form for for these payments as of March 1, 2016. Any Special Handling Form received for Homeland Security payments after this date will be returned to the preparer with a document requesting the form found on this page.

General Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to assure that the form is processed immediately upon receipt in AP, and the check sent to the HIO as soon as it is printed.

Information regarding HIO visa requirements is typically sent directly to departmental administrators from HIO advisors for individual cases.  Ensure that you have received and reviewed the documentary requirements for visa processing.  The required fees are contained in the instructions.

1.Use HCOM to create a Requisition for the vendor Department of Homeland Security for the amount needed for each individual visa fee. Once approved, retrieve the appropriate PR number to use on the form.

2.Download the form from this page. Below is a list of all fields found on the form. Please note that all fields are required for the form to be processed.

3.PR: Enter the number of the HCOM Payment Request associated with the visa payment.

4.Invoice Number: The department must create the invoice number using the following required naming convention: First and last name of the visa applicant, and the dollar amount of the order. There must be no spaces or special characters or symbols used in the invoice number. 

  • Example: Donald Miller’s visa application costs $1,225, so the appropriate invoice name would be DONALDMILLER1225.

5.Request Date: The date that the department fills out the form to be submitted. 

  • *Please note payment terms for all HIO visa transactions are immediate, and no request for a change in payment terms is needed.

6.Amount of Payment: The amount for which the PR is created.

7.Paying on Behalf of/Name of Visa Recipient: Enter the full name of the visa applicant.

8.Prepared by: Please list first name, last name, and phone number for the Harvard employee completing the HIO form. This is used in case there are problems or questions in processing the form.

9.Print the form once it is completed.

10.Please only print in black and white. Color prints will only be scanned in black and white.

11.This is the only form that will be accepted by AP to process HIO orders. Forms with alterations or changes will be returned to the department.

Deliver the form to: AP 1033 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd Floor.

Forms are processed by AP as they are received, and the check will be issued in the next pay cycle (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Once the check has been printed it is automatically sent to the HIO and matched with the information the department has already submitted electronically to the HIO.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the HIO know that my Payment Request goes with the visa information that I sent them on their website?
    1. AP has worked with the HIO to establish the naming convention listed in the instructions above. By following this naming convention, all payments will be automatically matched once the check is received by the HIO
  2. Do I need to pick up my check and take it to the HIO or send it myself?
    1. No, all checks associated with this form and process will automatically be delivered to the HIO.
  3. What does “immediate payment terms” mean?
    1. AP payment cycles run Tuesday and Thursday of every week. This means that any HIO form submitted and matched to an approved PR will be processed in the Oracle system by AP the day it is received, and the check will be printed in the next payment cycle. Example: If a form is received in AP on Friday, it will be processed on Friday, the check will be printed on the following Tuesday, and will be sent directly to the HIO office the day it is printed. A form received and matched on Monday would be printed on Tuesday, and so on.
  4. How long does it take for my check to get to the HIO?
    1. Depending upon what day in the payment cycle the form is received (see payment terms example above), it will be delivered to the HIO the same day it is printed.
  5. Who do I contact if my check has not been received by the HIO?
    1. Contact your adviser at the HIO to inquire if they have the check.
    2. If HIO does not have the check, make sure your PR is approved, and the correct information has been put on the form.
    3. If the form is completed correctly, make sure you are not contacting AP prior to the payment cycle in which your check will be delivered (see questions 3 and 4 above).
    4. If it has been more than 7 calendar days since your form was received by AP, you should contact AP Customer Service at 5-8500. Be sure to have your PR number ready to give the customer service agent.
  6. What should I put in the invoice number field if my name and dollar amount is over 25 characters?
    1. If the combination of the first and last name makes the invoice number over 25 characters, use only the first initial of the first name, then the full last name. Requesting a visa for an individual named Aabharanan Krishnamurthy-Smith that costs $250. Using the full name and amount would create an invoice number with 32 characters, and includes a special character (-) that cannot be used. The correct invoice number for this transaction should be AKRISHNAMURTHYSMITH225.
  7. Can I make a version of this form that is just for my school or department?
    1. No, AP will only accept this form in its original format found from the link here. If your school or department requires a supplemental form or other special process, this must be done outside of the AP process.
  8. Do I need to send any other paperwork with this form?
    1. No, only send the completed form. AP does not need a printout of the PR or any other documentation. Any other documents received will not be imaged by AP and will recycled.
  9. Do I need to include a FedEx envelope to assure the check is delivered to HIO on time or to receive confirmation that the form and check have been processed?
    1. No. The check is automatically taken to the HIO once it is printed. Any FedEx envelopes or shipping labels will be thrown out unused.
  10. Can I use the Special Handling form to process these orders?
    1. No. Only use the attached form. Because these forms are processed daily and the payment terms for the related payments are immediate, there is no need for additional forms or processes.
  11. What is the best way I can send my form to AP to assure it is processed in the fastest amount of time possible?
    1. Interoffice mail and drop-offs are treated the same, and will be opened by the AP mail staff and processed the day they are received.
  12. Can I pick up the check at AP?
    1. No, checks are automatically sent to the HIO.

Click here to access the form (Harvard Key required)