Apply for a PCard

The University's Purchasing Card policy governs who is eligible for a PCard. PCard information is available here.

Procedures for Applicants

1. Confirm eligibility. With proper approvals, the following individuals are eligible to apply for a Harvard Purchasing Card:

    1. Harvard University employee
    2. Affiliated hospital employee
    3. Harvard University graduate student
    4. Harvard University undergraduate student (requires financial dean approval; student must purchase routinely for the University)

Monthly External Post-Doctoral Students (MEPs), consultants and other non-employee contractors are not eligible to apply for a PCard.

2. Understand cardholder responsibilities.

  • Read and understand the University's PCard policy.
  • Complete the required online PCard training. Applicants must successfully complete training before a PCard will be issued.
  • Applicants’ PCard Tub Administrators will contact them about any additional local PCard training requirements.
  • PCard privileges nay be suspended or revoked for misuse or for failing to follow required procedures for Cardholders.

3. Submit an application.

  • Complete and sign a PCard application form.
  • Obtain the signature of supervisor on the application form (and financial dean’s signature if necessary)
  • Submit the completed application form to the appropriate PCard Tub Administrator.

4. Receive the PCard.


  • Receipt of the card will take approximately 7 – 10 business days
  • The PCard Tub Administrator provides cards to applicants after the applicants have completed training.