In Lieu of Invoice Form

This form should be used to process payment in situations where it is not possible or appropriate for an individual or vendor to provide an invoice. Please use the form found at the bottom of this page, and follow the instructions below to complete the process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AP at 5-8500 or

In Lieu of Invoice Form Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to ensure that the form is processed timely in AP, and the check sent to the vendor.

  • Create a PR in HCOM for the individual or vendor. 
  • Download the In Lieu of Invoice form from the link below and complete the following fields. Please note all fields on the form are required. Incomplete forms will be returned to the preparer.
    • PR: Enter the Payment Request number. (Please do not use the requisition number or the form will be returned.)
    • Invoice Number: The preferred standard is VENDORNAME00MON00, for example JOHNHARVARD03APR16 for a payment made to John Harvard on April 03, 2016. (Special note: AP uses the invoice number to prevent duplicate payments. 
      • The invoice number is limited to 25 characters and is always keyed in by AP with all caps, no symbols, and no spaces.
      • Please make sure a request is not submitted twice with different invoice numbers, or a duplicate payment may occur in error.)
    • Invoice Date: Enter the date the services took place or date appropriate to the related payment (Please note: All regular University payment terms will apply, see below for examples.)
    • Amount of Payment: Enter the PR amount.
    • Name of Individual or Vendor: Enter the name of the individual or vendor being paid.
    • Reason for Payment: Check the appropriate Reason for Payment box that best matches your purpose. Refund: Returning funds to a vendor for a previously made payment, such as a cancelled seminar or conference attendee fee for an individual. Honorarium: Presenting a payment to a speaker.
    • Prize/Award: Issuing payments for achievements, such as an academic achievement or other award
    • Royalty: Issuing payments for intellectual property, such as book or patent royalties
    • Fellowship: Refer to fellowship link 
    • Donation: Issuing payments made to an external (non-Harvard) charitable organization
    • Other: Examples include confidential payments, individuals that cannot provide an invoice (e.g. a onetime payment to a musician for a performance), etc. If “Other” is chosen, you must enter additional detailed information regarding the type and reason for payment in the Business Description field.
    • Business Description: Provide a more detailed description of the reason or type of payment.
    • If 1042S vendor: If this payment is being made to a 1042S vendor a box must be checked to note whether the work is being done inside or outside of the United States. If it is being done outside of the United States a location must be provided (city and abbreviation of country)
    • Prepared by and Phone Number: Please list first name, last name, and phone number for the Harvard employee completing the form (preferably an individual who participated in either the creation of the PR or in the approval workflow of the transaction). This is used in case there are problems or questions in processing.
  • Print the form once it is completed.
  • This is the only form that will be accepted by AP in lieu of an invoice. This form must be submitted in its original format.
  • DO NOT include other materials such as letters or contracts. This completed form should be the only document scanned and associated with the PR in Oracle. (Exception: please include appropriate materials needed for any 1042S individuals.)
  • Deliver the form to Accounts Payable, 1033 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138.

A Microsoft Word version of the In Lieu of Invoice form is also available below. This version is to be used for mail merge functionality only where large numbers of invoices can be made from a pre-populated list. The pdf version should be used for all non-mail merge situations. Please note, this is the only form that will be accepted by AP in lieu of an invoice. This form must be submitted in its original format.

Click here to access the .pdf version of this form (Harvard Key required)

Click here to access the .docx version of this form (Harvard Key required)