Payroll Processes for Spring 2022

Revised May 27, 2022
The below documents are currently under revision but all requirements still apply and will be renamed Guidelines for Processing Payroll and Stipends 

(Harvard Key Required - Payrolling Processes is available in two formats)

PDF Document - Payroll Processes for Spring 2022 - Rev. 12/14/2021

Word Document - Payroll Processes for Spring 2022 - Rev. 06/03/2021

FAQs Payrolling Processes During COVID-19 - Under Revision

Harvard Offices Abroad - Rev. 05/27/2022
Harvard Registered Payroll States - Rev. 06/03/2022


General Information

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, some Harvard employees left their on-campus work locations and established a remote worksite outside Massachusetts. In addition, prospective and newly-hired employees who had planned to relocate to Massachusetts and work on campus may have been unable to do so during the public health emergency.

Return-to-campus planning is underway. Each School or Unit has or will communicate specific return-to-campus plans to their employees in the next few months. This guidance is intended to support those individual School and Unit plans.

As an employer, Harvard has the right to specify the location where its employees’ work must be performed. Often this is on our campuses in Cambridge and Boston/Longwood, and sometimes off-campus when approved flexible work arrangements permit some percentage of remote work.Approval of these arrangements will be at the discretion of the School/Unit supervisor. See Flexwork at Harvardfor the University’s new flexible work policy, guidelines, and resources, which will be updated as needed.

These interim processes and guidance do not apply to unpaid appointments (e.g., visiting scholars, unpaid interns, etc.) or employees who are on approved paid or unpaid leave of absences (e.g., sabbatical, personal, professional, medical leave). Follow your School's or Unit's unpaid or paid leave or courtesy appointment processes.

Please contact your local human resources, faculty planning, or finance offices for guidance on current hiring policies.

Please Note: