Cross Validation Rules

Cross-validation rules (CVRs) are used within the Oracle financial systems to prevent the creation of invalid 33-digit account strings (CCIDs). Each cross-validation rule dictates what ranges of values may be used in combination with one another. Thus, for example, a very simple rule might specify that only Org values 23200 through 24499 may be used with Tub 275 (SPH). Use the chart of accounts validator tool to check for errors.

Chart of Accounts

CVRs are applied system wide to all system users. Whenever any component of the Oracle Applications attempts to create a new 33-digit account (a combination of segment values that has not previously been used), Oracle checks all the cross-validation rules to ensure that the combination is valid. If the combination fails to pass a rule, the error message associated with that rule is presented. Whatever transaction was in process is not allowed to continue until it has a valid 33-digit combination.