Accounts Payable

Central Accounts Payable (AP) is responsible for processing of invoices for goods and services for all Harvard University vendors, new vendor set up and maintenance, and payment processes and guidelines. This office acts as a central point of contact for AP related questions.

Year End Dates

  • June 8th
    • WV TAF must be approved and ticketed by 5:00pm to be in FY2018
  • June 15th
    • Cut-off for WR (with un-used adcvance amounts) due by 5:00pm
  • June 20th
    • Final Day for Vendor Set-up requests by 5:00pm
  • June 22th
    • First invoice cutoff 5:00pm (Will see transactions in HDW by 6-29)
  • June 25th
    • Final day for Concur transaction for FY2018 Submitted and approved by 5:00pm
  • June 27th
    • Final cut-off 5:00pm for Special Mailing transactions to be processed in FY2018
      • No Special Mailing runs after the 29th of June
  • June 28th
    • Final Invoice and NR cut-off 5:00pm
    • P-card sweep as scheduled (to process transactions 6-8 through 6-14)
  • June 29th
    • P-card sweep moved from 7-5 to 6-29 (to process transactions 6-15 through 6-21)
  • July 1st
    • Push to GL at 3:00pm
  • July 2nd
    • Final P-card sweep moved from 7-12 to 7-2 (to process transactions 6-22 through 6-28)
    • All hold releases must be received by before noon to be released in for 7/3
  • July 3rd
    • Final AP close @ 3:30pm
    • Open July FY 2019



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