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Payroll & NRA Emergency Operations Changes - 03/17/2020
NRA Section Updated 3/24/2020 See Submitting a GLACIER Information Packet Below

Payrolling Processes During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency – REV 12/10/2020
Includes information on:

FAQs Payroll Processes COVID-19 - REV 12/10/2020
Harvard Offices Abroad

Guidance Regarding I-9 Collection During COVID-19 Emergency - REV 07/17/20
Includes information on:

  •  I-9 Collection Process During COVID-19 Emergency
  •  At a Glance Paper Form I-9 Collection Process
  •  Instructions - Form I-9 New Employee & Authorized Representative
  • Packet - Form I-9 with Instructions for Employee and Authorized Representative
  • 05/27/2020 Webinar Slide Deck - Remote I-9 Collection During
    COVID-19 Emergency

Submitting a GLACIER Information Packet During COVID-19

Harvard's Central Payroll processes wage payments to all employees at the University, issuing over 30,000 W-2 forms per year. Among the services Central Payroll provides are assistance with salary verifications for housing and mortgage application, payroll garnishments support, I-9 processing and assistance, and W-2 reprints.

Each year Harvard University (President and Fellows of Harvard College) sends IRS reporting documents as required by regulation to individuals and entities to whom we have made reportable and/or taxable payments in the prior calendar year. These are documents such as Forms W-2, 1099-MISC, 1042-S, 1098-E , 1098-T and 1095-C.

This grid lists the various forms and the relevant contact information. Please feel free to provide the links and phone numbers to individuals who contact you regarding these documents.

Services provided at the Payroll window:
  • Drop-off of approved payroll forms
  • Completing forms for Address Changes, Direct Deposit Requests, and Tax Withholdings
  • Pick-up of limited/designated paychecks
  • Answering simple paycheck questions

Please Note:
Answering payroll related questions often involves local payroll representatives or other administrative groups such as Benefits, HR, or Tax Services. Click here to identify who to call for assistance with your specific questions. In addition, because the Payroll Window services many employees, questions requiring more detailed investigation will be logged for follow-up investigation. You will be contacted with a resolution.

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