Electronic I-9 Administrators

Instructions for Pilot Schools - Equifax Electronic I-9 COVID-19 Process - 07/22/2020

General Information

I-9 Section 2

Harvard I-9 Administrators may go here to complete Section 2 or copy and paste the below link.


I-9 Anywhere – Remote I-9
Log a ticket at i9help@harvard.edu with the Subject Line: I-9 Anywhere Request

Additional Materials:
Harvard I-9 Administrators Drop in Clinic - Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00 Join Drop in Clinic
A step-by-step guide for new Harvard employees to complete Section 1 may be found here.
Equifax has additional general training materials and videos. See the “help” section on the left side of the page for additional reference materials.
General videos (Harvard requires all section 2 documents be uploaded)
What is a Form I-9?: https://www.i9express.com/demos/what-is-a-form-i-9/
How to Complete Section 1: http://www.i9express.com/Demos/Section_1_Training_Module.asp
How to Complete Section 2: http://www.i9express.com/Demos/Section_2_Training_Module.asp
Attaching Documents using the Mobile App: https://www.i9express.com/demos/using-the-mobile-app/
Common E-Verify Responses: https://www.i9express.com/demos/common-e-verify-responses/
Additional E-Verify Responses:https://www.i9express.com/demos/additional-e-verify-responses/
I-9 Central: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, I-9 Central
E-Verify Self Check: https://www.e-verify.gov/mye-verify/self-check
Equifax Service Outage Notices: https://status.equifaxworkforce.com/

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