University Tax Compliance

Moving, Recruiting, and Related Expenses

Effective 1/1/2018, as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, all permanent staff and faculty moving expenses are considered taxable.

  • A commitment to pay for such expenses should not be made without first consulting the Dean, Vice President or Department Head for approval

  • Recruitment, moving and related expenses for employees and non-employees are authorized at the School or Unit department level

A chart describing tax implications for...

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Student Tax Issues

Resources to better understand education tax credits, deductions and credits.

  • You, or the person who may claim you as a dependent, may be able to take either the tuition and fees deduction or claim a Hope and/or Lifetime Learning credit on your federal tax return for qualified tuition and related expenses that were actually paid in a given year
  • For more information about the deduction or credits, see IRS Publication 970 

Education Tax Credits

To claim the credits for tuition...

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