Access Form W-2

Paper copies of 2021 Form W-2 will be mailed by January 31. To receive an email notification as soon as your W-2 is available for viewing, register with ADP and follow the instructions below

How to Opt Out of Paper Form W-2 or Receive Email Notifications

There are 3 ways to get copies of your 2021 Form W-2:

  1. Harvard’s ADP Portal. Use this to access your 2021 W-2 if you know your Harvard Key or HUID and pin/password. For your security, this log-in requires two factor authentication.
  • Note that corrected Forms W-2 (W-2C) and Forms W-2 prior to 2019 are not available through ADP. Please use option 3 below if you need a duplicate copy of Form W-2C or option 2 below if you need Form W-2 for a year not available in ADP or on PeopleSoft.


2. PeopleSoft Self Service. Use this to access Form W-2 for all years 2014-2016. Available only to active employees. In order to protect your confidential information, the Forms in PeopleSoft are not in the proper format for mailing to the IRS or state agencies, but they can be used for electronic filing.

  • Go to PeopleSoft
  • Enter your HUID or Harvard Key and PIN#, then click Login
  • Your W-2 can be found under Self Service
  • My Pay > View W-2/W-2c Forms. You will need to answer security questions to verify your identity
  • Click on the Year End Form, a window will pop up to allow you to view and print your Form W-2
  • Electronic copies of your forms from 2017 and later will not be available in PeopleSoft. Please see Harvard's ADP Portal.

3. Payroll Customer Service. AFTER FEBRUARY 10, you may order a copy of your 2021 Form W-2 by sending an email to W-2 Reprints will be processed within 5 business days of the request. Please allow time for processing and mailing. We ask that you not call or email to check the status of your W-2 reprint until at least 10 days after you submit the request for a W-2 reprint.


Email requests should include the following information:

  • Name
  • Either the first 4 digits of your HUID or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Address to which you would like the duplicate mailed
  • The year or years of the forms you are requesting

If you have a Harvard email account, it is helpful to the payroll department if you can email your request from your Harvard email address.

If you still require assistance, please contact customer service at 617-495-8500, option 4 or email us at

Go Green – opt to receive next year's W-2 electronically without waiting for the mail. Update your preferences on the ADP site under myself>my options>paperless options