Are there IRS publications, which can help me to prepare my personal income tax return, showing fellowship income?

In preparing your personal income tax return, please consult with your own tax advisor, because University Financial Services is not authorized to provide individual tax advice. You may, however, find it helpful to read the IRS publication relevant to your personal situation:

• If you are a U. S. citizen or resident for tax purposes, who received
fellowship amounts for studying, teaching or researching in the U. S., then
see IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education, which is available at

• If you...

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Are fellowships subject to FICA?

Fellowship amounts are subject to FICA only if they are deemed to be “wages” for employment tax purposes. Whether fellowships are wages is an inherently
factual determination, requiring consideration of all relevant facts and circumstances of the program.

What is a fellowship?

A fellowship is any amount paid or allowed to, or for the benefit of, an individual to aid such individual in the pursuit of study or research. A fellowship may take
the form of: (i) payment(s) to the recipient, such as stipend payments; (ii) reimbursement or payment of expenses, such as travel expenses, to or on behalf
of an individual; or (iii) a credit against an existing term bill or a reduction in the amount owed by the recipient to an educational organization in connection with
the pursuit of study or research.

Why don't we accept foreign items that are less than $200?

Bank of America does not accept checks drawn on foreign banks in US dollars (USD) for amounts less than $200 USD. Checks drawn on a foreign bank are costly to process due to the fact that both Bank of America (BOA) and the foreign bank charge fees that may exceed the value of the check. Since local units are assessed these fees they should instruct their foreign customers to have their checks drawn on US bank in USD to avoid processing fees or drawn on a foreign bank in foreign currency.

Is Harvard University a tax-exempt organization?

President and Fellows of Harvard College is exempt from federal income tax as an educational institution under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

As an educational institution, Harvard is also exempt from Massachusetts state income tax.