For Schools and Units Piloting the Electronic I-9 and E-Verify Process

Electronic I-9 Collection Processes (see page 5) – Rev. 09/01/2021
Equifax Upload Process Paper Form I-9 – 05/20/2020
See: Form I-9 Packets and Additional Information

Options for Schools and Units Piloting the Equifax Electronic I-9 and E-Verify Process

Option 1 - In Person Completion (Best Practice)

For schools with staff on campus, the Harvard I-9 Administrator should follow their usual I-9 Equifax collection process; sending the Harvard URL to complete Section 1 to the employee to complete Section 1 and the Harvard I-9 Administrator completing Section 2 and review the documentation in person. This is the *strongly preferred* best practice.

Option 2 - Use the I-9 Anywhere Option

Equifax offers a remote I-9 option called I-9 Anywhere, which allows new employees who are not local to take their Section 2 documents to an approved remote agent based on their zip code prior to arriving on campus. There are over 1,300 authorized remote agents across the U.S., and new employees can select and schedule a time to bring in their Section 2 documents at their convenience. See Overview of I-9 Anywhere video.

  1. The remote agent will complete Section 2 and submit documents to E-Verify.
  2. Harvard I-9 Administrators must review the E-Verify response and complete any follow-up needed (e.g., Photo Matching).
  3. Schools will be charged ($115) for each remote hire request. If an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled or a “no show” within 24 hours of the agreed upon appointment, the school will also be charged $115.
  4. Contact Central Payroll at to request the I-9 Anywhere Remote URL to send the new employee.

Fallback Option - Upload Paper Form I-9 Completed by an Authorized Representative

In the rare case where a Harvard I-9 Administrator is not able to complete Section 2 and review the documentation in person (e.g., employees who will not be working on campus), Harvard may assign the role of Authorized Representative to an outside individual, which allows them to complete Section 2 of the Form I-9 on behalf of Harvard. If completed correctly and, with the submission of the Section 2 documents, no further action is required by the Harvard I-9 Administrator. An Authorized Representative may be an adult household member, personnel officer, foremen, notary public, etc. Best practice is to have a notary (if allowed by that state) or personnel office complete the Section 2 of the Form I-9 rather than a household member.

  1. See Instructions - Hiring Department Assigning an Authorized Representative  and Packet - Form I-9 with Instructions for Employee and Authorized Representative
  2. A Harvard I-9 Administrator should set up a video conference with the Authorized Representative to assist then with the process in order to view and confirm the appropriate documents have been presented and the paper form I-9 has been completed accurately.
  3. The Harvard I-9 Administrator would complete the “Equifax Upload Paper Form I-9” upload process in Equifax which requires entering the Form I-9 information, uploading the Form I-9 as well as the documentation. See Equifax Electronic Paper Form I-9 Upload Process.
  • The employee would not complete section 1 via the URL but complete the paper Form I-9 only.
  • The upload process must include uploading of copies of the Section 2 documentation.
  • The Harvard I-9 Administrator would follow any E-Verify follow-up requirements as necessary.