For Schools and Units Piloting the Electronic I-9 and E-Verify Process Updated 07/23/2020

Electronic I-9 Collection Processes During COVID-19 Emergency (see page 5) – 07/17/2020
Equifax Updating I-9s Completed by Remote Review - Rev 07/27/2020
Equifax Upload Process Paper Form I-9 – 05/20/2020
See: Form I-9 Packets and Additional Information
Limited Use Expires 8/18/2020 - Equifax Electronic I-9 COVID-19 Remote Review Process – 07/22/2022

The options listed below are for schools and units that are operating remotely. I-9 Section 2 completers that are physically present at a work location (i.e., essential personnel), should follow the normal I-9 collection and review process.

Options for Complete the I-9 Remotely:

Option 1 - Use the I-9 Anywhere Option

Equifax offers a remote I-9 option called I-9 Anywhere which allows new employees who are not local take their Section 2 documents to an approved remote agent based on their zip code prior to arriving on campus. There are over 1,300 authorized remote agents across the U.S. and new employees can select and schedule a time to bring in their Section 2 documents at their convenience. See Overview of I-9 Anywhere video.

  1. No additional follow-up is needed by Harvard I-9 Administrators if this process is used. The remote agent will complete Section 2 and submit documents and complete E-Verify in the Equifax Electronic I-9 tool.
  2. Schools may be charged a small fee ($35) for each remote hire request. If an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled or a “ no show” within 24 hours of the agreed upon appointment, the school will also be charged $35
  3. Contact Central Payroll at to request the I-9 Anywhere Remote URL to send the new employee.

NOTE: While remote agent sites be limited since they are considered nonessential business; we expect many of the offices to be reopening in the next 2-4 weeks.

Option 2 - Upload Paper Form I-9 Completed by an Authorized Representative

  1. See Instructions for hiring department who has assigned an Harvard Authorized Representative
  2. A Harvard I-9 Administrator should set up a video conference with the Authorized Representative to assist then with the process in order to view and confirm the appropriate documents have been presented and the paper form I-9 has been completed accurately.
  3. The Harvard I-9 Administrator would complete the “Paper Form I-9” upload process in Equifax which requires entering the Form I-9 information, uploading the Form I-9 as well as the documentation. See Equifax Electronic Paper Form I-9 Upload Process.
  4. The Harvard I-9 Administrator would follow any E-Verify follow-up requirements as necessary.