Interim Payroll Policy

Interim Payroll Policy Effective September 1, 2021 - December 31, 2022
The Interim Payroll Policy's initial end date of 05/31/2022 has been extended through 12/31/2022

Harvard has implemented an interim payroll policy and will implement payroll tax withholding and benefits for several new states starting this fall.

If your School or Unit offers full or partial remote work and you’ll begin or continue such an arrangement in California1, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, or Maryland, Harvard will withhold taxes for these states (where applicable) from your paycheck for the amount of time you work there. Your Massachusetts state tax withholding will be adjusted accordingly.

Download Interim Payroll Policy (Harvard Key Required) - Revised 05/27/2022
Download Payroll Policy FAQs (Harvard Key Required) - Revised 07/30/2021
Harvard Registered Payroll States - Revised 06/03/2022
Harvard Offices Abroad - Revised 05/27/2022

When and Where Can I Get More Information?

PeopleSoft Instructions and Training Materials 
See additional PeopleSoft materials in the Harvard Training Portal
Entering & Editing Residence, State Distributions(s) & Tax Form(s) in PeopleSoft - Revised 10/25/2021
Report Time and Absences - Revised 10/29/2021
Approving, Adjusting, Time and Absences - Revised 10/25/2021
Rapid Time Entry - Revised 09/30/2021

If a Foreign National / Nonresident Alien see the Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance Website - Working in States Outside of Massachusetts website for guidance.

Additional Resources

See Flexwork at Harvard - for a comprehensive overview of various types of flexwork including telework and remote work, and other essential information about managing and working in hybrid teams.
See Harvard's Online Tax Compliance System GLACIER - If a foreign national to complete appropriate tax and other forms.
Managing Contingent Work at Harvard - Directions on hiring and paying contingent labor (temps or others from third-party payroll entities such as AllSource).
See PeopleSoft - Harvard's human resources, payroll, and compensation system to enter tax information, track time, view paychecks, adjust withholdings.

See Payroll Processes for Spring 2022 for additional information, including for individuals working outside the United States.
See Harvard Training Portal for a complete list of Harvard training materials.


1 Due to local requirements, only exempt employees may be put on the California payroll (with the limited exception of nonexempt employees who already have established payroll arrangements in California)