I have received several emails asking me to complete or delete my “incomplete” invoices. What are incomplete invoices and is there a way I can query for them on my own?

When you finish entering an invoice or credit memo, you must click on a button in the lower left hand corner of the transactions form. The system will check that all the required information has been entered and that the transaction is in balance. The button name will then change to Incomplete and a check  will appear in a box in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

If you fail to click on the Complete button, your invoice/credit memo will not be processed nor posted to the GL.

Local Billing units should be checking prior to month end for invoices or credit memos that may be “incomplete” by:

  1. Go into Transactions, then choose Transactions Summary
  2. Click on flashlight icon in toolbar, this will bring up the Find Transactions form.
  3. From the pick list in Transaction Type choose your transaction type( HCL-WIDENER) - ( HCL-WIDENER CR). This will find both incomplete credits and invoices for your transaction type.
  4. Click on MORE tab.
  5. Click on Complete. A Yes or No will appear-choose NO
  6. Click on FIND