What do I need to do to split an existing CVR into two CVRs?

Assuming that you are an Authorized Requestor with authority to modify the CVR, you will need to:

    • submit a request to add a new CVR that covers the range of org values (if you are submitting an org-based CVR) that will be split off from the existing CVR. Requests to ADD new CVRs must be accompanied by a completed CVR template, which outlines the ranges of funds, activities, or root values that are to be allowed by the CVR. Contact your tub's Applications Administrator (see the Applications Administrators by Tub document available under Troubleshooting on the CSMA ABLE site athttp://able.harvard.edu/coa/csma/csma_index.shtml) to obtain a blank CVR template if you do not already have one. 
    • Submit a request to remove the range of orgs from the existing CVR.

    If the changes you are proposing to make disallow any values that were previously allowed by the original rule and those values were used in 33-digit GL account code combinations, those code combinations will be disabled at the time the CVR changes are loaded into Oracle.

    In order to prevent transactions from being 'stranded' in these disabled code combinations, you should verify that the actual balance for the account is $0 as of the latest open period. If the balance is not $0, you should transfer any transactions prior to submitting the CVR maintenance request to Applications Administration. Applications Administration will not process any CVR requests where the action will result in disabled code combinations with balances.