Credit Voucher Categories

Use this quick reference table to select the correct category when completing a credit voucher form. 
*Reminder: Use only one category per credit voucher. If multiply categories are submitted, the voucher will be returned to the school/unit unprocessed.

Bill & Coin
or Check
Max #
of Checks
per CV
(A) Bill and Coin 0 USD$

Refer to the bill & coin banding HOW TO for additional information

(B) Check 100 USD$

Check(s) drawn on a US bank in USD$; Traveler's checks and USD money orders belong in this category

(C) Check 1 USD$

Check(s) drawn on a Canadian bank in USD$

(D) Check 1 USD$

Check(s) drawn on a foreign bank payable through a US bank in USD $

(E) Check 1 Non-USD$

Check(s) drawn on a foreign bank in a foreign currency ¹,²







¹ PLEASE NOTE:  Per India banking regulations the University can not accept checks drawn on Indian Banks payable in Indian Rupees, if these are submitted on a Credit Voucher they will be returned unprocessed.

²PLEASE NOTE:  It is the University's preference to accept only USD $ checks drawn on US banks.  The fees to collect on Categories (C) thru (EF) often outweigh the check amount.  All fees associated with accepting these types of checks will be born by the School/Unit that submits them.


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