Can I transfer child org values between parents?

  1. Transferring org values between parents, while seemingly simple, actually brings with it a great deal of complexity, so much so that many tubs have opted to close out an org and transfer charges to a new org under the new parent rather than do it. Following are just a few of the issues you need to consider when considering this action:

    • Most cross-validation rules are written for contiguous ranges of values, usually represented by a single parent value. For example, cross validation rule TUB S1234 2-4 might represent a range of values 12340-12359. If you were to try to move value 12345 from parent S1234 to another parent, you would need to split the CVR into 2 new CVRs: one rule for values 12340-12344 and one for 12346-12359. You would need to do that for each CVR (org-fund, org-activity, and org-root) that was affected by the change. Depending on your structure, you might also need 2 new CVRs to cover the range of values associated with the parent your org was moving to, since the range of values indicated by the parent value in the CVR name would no longer represent the values covered by the CVR. So, in the above example, if you moved value 12345 to S1245 (representing range 12450-12459), you would need to disable any CVR that referenced S1245 and add a new one called 12450+ and create a separate CVR for 12345. Going forward, you would need to open up all the new CVRs you had created each time you wanted a fund value to be accessed by all the orgs. 
    • You would also have to consider how such a move would impact your Oracle GL, Budget, HDW and Web Voucher responsibilities. For example, a GL responsibility that restricts a user to S1234 (values 12340-12359) would now have to be rewritten so that the responsibility only allows values 12340-12344 and 12346-12359 and excludes value 12345. Likewise, any responsibility that represents the parent value that 12345 was moved to, would need to be rewritten to allow this value to be included. 
    • The way parents are named indicates a contiguous range. Breaking ranges underneath parents can lead to confusion for end-users who use "sight-logic" to identify which child values will belong with a particular parent. Value S1234 implies that all values in the range 12340-12349 (at least) belong to it. If they do not, there's no way that a user can tell that from the parent value.