Central Payroll

Harvard's Central Payroll processes wage payments to all employees at the University, issuing over 30,000 W-2 forms per year. Among the services Central Payroll provides are assistance with salary verifications for housing and mortgage application, payroll garnishments support, I-9 processing and assistance, and W-2 reprints.

Services provided at the Payroll window:
  • Drop-off of approved payroll forms
  • Completing forms for Address Changes, Direct Deposit Requests, and Tax Withholdings
  • Pick-up of limited/designated paychecks
  • Answering simple paycheck questions

Please Note:
Answering payroll related questions often involves local payroll representatives or other administrative groups such as Benefits, HR, or Tax Services. Click here to identify who to call for assistance with your specific questions. In addition, because the Payroll Window services many employees, questions requiring more detailed investigation will be logged for follow-up investigation. You will be contacted with a resolution.

How Can We Help You?

Calculate Tax Withholdings

The IRS provides tools to help you determine the right amount of tax withholdings.  Click on the following link for Federal Taxes. Then click on the IRS Withholding Calculator to determine if you can benefit by changing your withholdings.

Direct Deposit

To enroll in or change your payroll direct deposit through PeopleSoft self-service